Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that is used as a unique identifier for your visit. It is made up of numbers and letters; Our servers send and store it on your device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) when you access our website.
Cookies record your settings when you browse our website and perform certain functions. Check if you are logged in, save the ordered items, etc.

What cookies do we use?

Session cookies temporarily store details about the user experience. They will be removed as soon as you close the page. These cookies can be used to increase security when a user accesses Internet banking, for example. They also facilitate the use of webmail.
Permanent cookies are stored on your computer between browser sessions. In this way, your settings or actions are saved throughout the website.

How we use cookies

  • In the order forms. Please note that if cookies are disabled, you cannot request our typing services
  • So you stay connected
  • To provide you 24/7 online support through live chat
  • How to track your activity through Google Analytics

Block and delete cookies

You can block or disable cookies at any time. However, due to its crucial role in improving / activating user-friendliness on our website, we cannot guarantee that our service will function properly after cookies are disabled.
Please note that we use Google Analytics to analyze how visitors access this website. The information generated in a cookie about the use of this website is sent to Google. The objective is to evaluate the use of the website by visitors and to produce statistical reports on the activities on the website.
For more information about cookies, including how to control and delete them, visit
Go to to prevent Google Analytics from being tracked on all websites.
We never receive information that is personally identifiable with cookies.